Code Academy

Building Trust Together

We believe that each of us is unique.

We believe that each of us is unique. We also strongly believe that you should work in a unique company like Code Blocks. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to eagerness and let us build trust together! The rest is part of your career development.

Code Academy is our trademark concept that helps you get in the world of IT by providing permanent in-house pre-employment internships and training in different technologies to help you boost your IT career.

Requirements frame

  • You can apply to our Code Academy if you want to have an IT career in the near future
  • No technical studies background is required
  • Analytical and logical thinking are a requirement
  • You will need to have a strong desire to learn to code, to be open-minded and assertive
  • We have all year-round internships and Java trainings
  • The learning process might last from one month to a few months
  • It will require personal study as well
  • We will offer you a job in our company