Who we are

Code Blocks International is an IT company that provides professional services to our customers. We are not much different in comparison with any other software company, but for sure we are unique.

The uniqueness comes from the fact we do accept every challenge when it is about the technology as we are confident that the labour market capabilities that we can easily access are very strong and work perfectly in combination.

We claim to be the partner of choice in software development in diverse dimensions and domains including digital transformation, as well we take the challenge for the artificial intelligence and machine learning ones, as we understand how is to continually change in order to deliver value to your customers, how it is to fundamental position different on the market and how this tells whether is on the right path or not, above all how the value delivered it is perceived by our customers to be high.

We help customers ‘businesses to drive innovation, accelerate growth, reduce time to market and by doing all these, to achieve their business goals faster.

Code Block International decided to open their software delivery centre in Romania, one of the most vibrant Countries in Europe when it comes to IT, in general.

University graduates, language skills potential, nowadays available communication technology, the connectivity and proximity with Western Europe, the highly qualified workforce, the capabilities from IT processes perspective built in Romania in the last decade, the access to human resources from the very informal school’s pools, fully supported our decision of being present here.

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We aspire to be a benchmark among Software Maintenance providers with a worldwide reach, the preferred partner and a contributor to the sustainable business development of our customers.

As a domain expert, we focus on the long-term engagement with our customers, to grow their businesses with market effective solutions, as we see beyond the actuals, strongly believing that by using our holistic approach we can turn the customers’ opportunities into real success.

Our Values

Building Trust Together

Building Trust

Full alignment on business goals and effectiveness in a transparent, open communication environment driven by shared values that are the pillars that sustain it in any relation we develop. We strongly believe that Trust is the key and should be every day’s block to build.


We strive daily to make a difference that contributes to the success of our customers’ projects and to our success as well. We do not promise! We commit! We promote win-win relationships based on trust and mutual respect, both inside and outside the company.

Team Spirit

Sharing and nurturing human relations define our culture and the quality of the services we offer to our customers. The expression of each individual talent mixed with the values and competences found in Code Blocks give a privileged position for all of us to build honest and long-lasting relationships with every customer, with every employee, with every partner we relate with. It is our advantage and we would much like to be also our differentiator in the market.

How we do it - Our approach

Every project starts with collaboration. Before designing a collaboration model or before setting a level of collaboration, we learn everything about your product, about your business, your customers and their needs and collectively we will define the milestones and set the goals, the metrics for success. Every project is unique, but they all start with one thing in common – to being improved. We will focus on that.